Impetus is a set of wargaming rules that allows you to play battles from the Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance periods. It is produced by the same team that. Impetus can be played with 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm (1/72) and 25/28mm scale miniatures, and you won’t even need to re-base your armies. Impetus – Our popular system for ancients and medieval wargames goes digital! tournament rules that are collected in pdf called Advanced Impetus available.

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See basing requirements and suggestions Community and Competitions If you want to join some Impetus tournament we suggest to follow the FORUM The forum is also the right place where ask for any question on the rules. The evolved 6th edition of their rules was a little mathematical, but its universal acceptance meant that club competitions and campaigns were easy to organize.

It’s been played regularly, and exclusively, ever since. The updates don’t effect the basic rules. I see also that pila and PBW have become more powerful too in a similar way But it remains the best simple aka elegant apporoach wargzme ancient wargaming around. Actually it is a multiple of a classic system, to avoid rebasing. There are two other options which include even more infantry.

This is a plus. Back to the Ancients Discussion Message Board.

At most, one can have two admittedly almost useless Light Cavalry. All members in good standing are free to post here. On the other hand basing on big bases has several advantages, aesthetical you can make a dioramaeconomical no need to buy those extra 2 figs to complete your base and practical easy to move and keeps you figures safe.

Like all rule sets, Impetus was subject to a series of amendments and extensions Advanced Impetus which limited its universality. Looking forward to playing more games of Basic Impetus 2 and hopefully using it for campaigns in the near future particularly. Herce Salon de Guerre. A player could allocate exploration points and win the right to deploy terrain but find he was strictly limited in what he could lay down.


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Having to dice to evade is one. With the protected flank rules now in effect archers of good quality are pretty decent at holding their own.

You are commenting using your WordPress. The defender then gets to dice for terrain features. In fact under these rules composite bows are less effective than slings. Then along came 7 th which operated with different sargame sequences and more importantly required rebasing. On the borders, Byzantines frequently fielded rapid response armies composed largely of Thematic and Light Cavalry. Lots of little subtle changes that make the games more interesting and fun to play.

I also am a big fan of Basic impetus, though mostly I use that for both solo gaming, and for introducing folks to both wargaming as well as ancient gaming, and for coaxing some of the Warhammer folks into historical gaming. The upgrade of PBWs is a good thing impetys my opinion.

My young son cut his teeth on Basic Impetus with Wars of the Roses Lancastrians, and now at eight is a capable player of Impetus who appreciates the subtleties, even at his young age.

The new rules are consolidated and will therefore be more accessible to new players. An elegant system the flows along smoothly offering interesting tactical flexibility along with looking great on the table with it’s scenic bases. Is everyone playing Basic Impetus or the full rules system? Since then, I found myself playing Impetus almost exclusively.

But it remains the best simple aka elegant apporoach to ancient wargaming around.

[TMP] “A Review and Summary of Impetus” Topic

I have read that Impetus 2 is slated for release for late …. I’m a big fan of both regular and basic Impetus. In melees, large units of pikemen are even more effective against cavalry, receiving a big bonus on the dice roll. Impetus has encouraged many veteran ancient gamers back into the period which says a lot about the game in my opinion. Frontal cavalry charges would be suicidal under these rules.


The Basic Rules provide army lists, which will be invaluable to new players. Any word on when Impetus 2 will be released? They are refinements to the system and improve the game. I’ve tried most of the others and they don’t hold a candle to BI — even if at our club we will stick with the earlier 1. Home Contact Italian Version Privacy.

The evade was automatic. However, the composite bow, the weapon with which horse armies swept through Asia and most of Europe, has been significantly down graded. I prefer full impetus, it returned me to ancient gaming 4 years ago……four new armies since then! But they lack the subtlety and surprises of the advanced rules. This choice is not available in Basic. These rules may be faster to play.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They are only mildly effective, even at point blank ranges.

The wagrame flexible system allows you to recreate over 3, years of history, from Ancient Sumeria to the Great Italian Wars. Movement is much more restricted than in the Advanced rules, although charge bonuses can extend reach.

Large cavalry units lose their large unit bonus. Defenders must progressively deploy first. This means Light Cavalry, which in reality face in all directions, cannot fire or retreat from units attacking their flank.

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