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The Polycom HDX is an easy to use high definition videoconferencing system. We recommend it for medium to large conference rooms, classrooms or. Polycom HDX Technical Specifications. Video Standards & Protocols. •. H. •. H++. •. H •. People+Content / H •. H & H Video. Polycom HDX Video Conference System (). The Polycom HDX is an easy to use high definition videoconferencing system.

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Each pod has a mute button with LEDs that indicate the status; changing from green to red when muted. To establish a connection each new location will need the local LAN and IP data to be re-entered into the configuration menu. Misc Sep 13, Wall or car, the TransitPlus portable battery plugs in anywhere. HDX is one 9004 our most popular rack mount p Systems and the only system capable of doing 8 site Multipoint Calls!

IP address, Gateway, Subnet mask and Gatekeeper addresses were all entered using this method. Polycom HDX – video conferencing device Series. The received image resolution is dependent on the call connection bandwidth and the optimisation selected for the input source i.

Various layouts may be selected through the display button on the remote control:. No matter where you work or who you work with, you need to be hddx to communicate with ease. The options available are:.

As appropriate, echo cancellation is disabled for these two inputs but a dedicated auxiliary line level input allows an external microphone mixer to be connected where echo cancellation may be enabled or disabled.


Most of the Systems come with the 8-site Multipoint 9004.

Similar tests udx carried out with the Playstation 3 p image transmitted on the second H. When either of these video inputs is selected only the auxiliary audio input will be live, and its audio will be transmitted to the remote site but will not be heard locally. Electrified Specialized Turbo makes cycling as easy as driving hands-on Would you give up driving for a sexy, electric bicycle?

Polycom HDX Video Conference System | tv

With its thick plastic arms and strongly engineered hinges, the PortaGrip car mount won’t be easily dislodged from a windshield or broken in the automotive environment. After riding Specialized’s Turbo, one Car Tech editor is tempted.

The comprehensive statistics menu displays call status data including resolution, connection speed, compression protocols and packet loss. Remote configuration, monitoring and control are available via a web browser, with optional password protection security. Product already in the list.

Skip to main content. This feature senses sound energy from the left and right speakers and automatically assigns left and right channels to the microphone elements. Four user definable video outputs are also offered to interface with a variety of monitoring solutions.

Polycom HDX 9004 Video Conferencing System

The HDX system supports, H. When content is displayed, two small images of the near and far presenters appear alongside the larger content image, layouts may be altered through the display button. The system takes two minutes to boot up from cold, when not in a call the system automatically reverts to sleep mode after a user definable period.


The Soundstructure can be used with this unit to mix many additional audio inputs into the call.

HDX | Video Conferencing System | Polycom | Headset Experts

When the camera was zoomed in close-up however the stereo image did not alter to suit the close up view of the presenter, and the accompanying sound did not match. Model Polycom HDX – video conferencing device Optional Advanced 9040 Warranty may be purchased on this system.

In tests between HDX units it was not possible to force audio protocols so only a limited range of audio protocols could be fully tested. Above 10 metres a separate power supply is however required to locally power the camera.

Polycom HDX 9004

PolyCom HDX – This display disappears after several seconds if the remote is then put down. Unused areas of the display are filled with black borders.

Comprehensive picture monitor settings allow the video format and aspect ratio to be altered and can determine how the People and Content images of both transmitted and received signals are displayed locally. The image is centred and cropped. View active tab What links here. Object persistence lagging images from previous frames as faded or outline images. Subsequently, in the video tests below, only the H.

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