The GURPS Cabal web page is at Page References. Rules and statistics in this book are specif- ically for the GURPS. Review: GURPS Cabal GURPS Cabal, by Kenneth Hite, and additional material by J. M Caparula, Scott Haring and S. John Ross, explores the fascinating. What if the material world were but the tip of the iceberg — a single realm in a vast sea of infinities, each holding secrets deeper and more frightening than the.

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The Cabal, unsurprisingly, has roots in the Jewish study of Kabbalahthough it has appropriated concepts from Egyptian occultism and elsewhere to create a syncretic system of Hermetic magic.

GURPS Cabal for 4th Edition: Notes and Thoughts – Steve Jackson Games Forums

So, keep cagal posts to the thread, give examples of things and take it from there. This page was last edited on 15 Mayat Words of Power are on Thaumatology, p. I envision Cabalist adventures as having the following default basic structure: English native [0]; Assyrian broken, written only [1]; Arabic broken [2]; Latin broken [2] Advantages [60]: Cosmology seems to be the biggest headache. Find More Posts by Refplace. ugrps


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Mysterious soapstone pendant warns of magic directed at the holder ; Colt. Originally Posted by Apollonian.

grps Specialization is for insects. Find More Posts by Fred Brackin. MH give you the baseline party comp and Cabal interesting adventure hooks. Ley Lines are related. GURPS Cabal depicts a modern-day secret society composed of vampireslycanthropes and sorcerers who study the underlying principles of magic and visit other planes cabzl existence and was integrated into Infinite Worldsthe “default” core setting for GURPS’s 4th Edition. Views Read Edit View history. Find More Posts by Railstar.

Sacred Architecture rules need to be worked out. The Annunaki predate all Human History, and Human Civilization only really began after their downfall, by those who would become known as the first Cabalists, who learned how to harness the power of the Decans against the Annunaki.


Find More Posts by hal. Imbuements might work well for some of their powers. Borrow liberally from https: First up, I love the Cabal.

The PCs act to end the threat or exploit the opportunity. Only the thirteen Grand Masters have ever visited Atziluth and been face to face with the creator of the universe.


Also there could be a lot of middlemen. Originally Posted by whswhs Have you worked a hierarchy yet for which power trumps which, in the manner discussed on p.

Shapeshifters are probably going to be a headache.

Retrieved from ” https: Notes and Thoughts Seeing so many “views” but no comments, I figured I’d weigh in Notes and Thoughts First up, I love the Cabal. Find More Posts by Apollonian. Notes and Thoughts Quote: Originally Posted by whswhs. As written, this is a discount to energy in exchange for a cagal at corruption and eventual damnation.

Many Cabalists speculate that there should be one more rank above that of Grand Master.