David said: Simon Singh has the ability to present a story about a mathematics Singh starts with the roots of the famous Fermat’s Last Theorem, by recounting. Fermat’s Last Theorem has ratings and reviews. David said: I was really interested in reading this book after hearing about the problem in ano. Fermat’s Last Theorem Simon Singh and John Lynch’s film tells the enthralling and emotional story of Andrew Wiles. A quiet English mathematician, he was.

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I guess I am treating Fermat’s Last Theorem as a religious quest that only the humble can achieve and that is my own fault for seeing it that way, but I wish someone a little more humbler solved this puzzle.

On the other hand, if you want something more complex and mathematical, you won’t get it here. Juerg rated it it was ok Mar 30, Along the way, there is incidental enlightenment about calculus and probability theory, about “laws” of chance, and about the precision of pi, which at the time of writing had been calculated to six billion decimal places.

Kindle Editionpages. Three hundred fifty years ago, Fermat wrote the following theorem in the margin of a mathematics book: Like old saying goes: Visit our Fernat Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

Fermat’s Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World’s Greatest Mathematical Problem

Paperbackpages. Or knows were I can buy one?

This book is a great read simply because of the intellectual achievement that it talks about. Singh starts with the roots of the famous Fermat’s Last Theorem, by recounting the stories and mathematics of Pythagoras, Euclid, and Euler. Dec 13, Tara rated it it was amazing Shelves: And then, starts the roller coaster ride of the great minds who faced the thunderstorms and sunshine in Mathematical history.

View all 8 comments. The narration flows like acetone. I don’t think anyone has climbed this route before. And, in his will he established a fund ofmarks to be given to the mathematician who first completes the proof of the theorem!


In any case, while Singh did not pursue the actual mathematics in any real sense, he did positively excel at telling the story of an utterly fascinating struggle, one which spanned hundreds of years and ensnared countless brilliant, talented minds.

Fermat’s Last Theorem by Simon Singh – book review

Thanks for telling us about the problem. It gives you an epic scope of the number of minds that it takes to build new ideas. Before I could even realize, I was already there with the great mathematicians, feeling the euphoria of slaughtering a puzzle, the frustration of long struggles, standing against the whole world for the love of Mathematics.

There is great craftsmanship in Singh’s account, and an unresolved question at the heart of this story. For me it was shocking to know, that it was not just the kings and religious fellows destroying these geniuses and their sanctuaries, but Pythagoras also committed a grave mistake once, sentencing Hippasus to death for arguing that sqrt 2 cannot be expressed as a fraction!

Yesterday I finished reading Fermat’s Last Theorem. It had to be different from Andrew Wile’s proof; does it exist? He worked in almost total isolation for seven years, in order not to be distracted. Nonetheless, this book is very interesting and well written, and shows you how many things that appear to be simple and almost intuitive can be incredibly complex that’s what’s so beautiful about math.

Me iba mal en el colegio. As the world now knows he did, but not without decades of frustration and disappointment. I kept getting the feeling that Wiles didn’t really solve the puzzle. He then argued that the possible prize of eternal happiness has an infinite value and that the probability of entering heaven by leading a virtuous life, no matter how small, is certainly finite.


Other books in this series. Trivia About Fermat’s Enigma: Does anyone here have a extra copy? Fermat’s Enigma Reactions and.

Combine editions 5 16 Aug 11, What I’ve come away with, is that the best of them feed off surprises, those bits of counterintuitive anecdotes that leave you blurting out, “Huh. DOn’t like hero-worship in an author!

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Andrew Wiles Given that there are infinitely many possible numbers to check it was quite a claim, but Fermat was absolutely sinhh that no numbers fitted the equation because ladt had a logical watertight argument. It would only take pi to 39 decimal places, says Singh to “calculate the circumference of the universe accurate to the radius of a hydrogen atom”.

Possibile che Fermat avesse trovato una dimostrazione a questo teorema?

Fermat’s Last Theorem by Simon Singh – review | Tim Radford | Science | The Guardian

I didn’t like the way he approached solving this problem, and it’s not in the technical sense, but the fact that he worked in secrecy. I kept thinking, “who cares? Also, some of the math concepts leading fermwt to it are quite easily comprehensible.

Simon converts what could have been a dry chronicle of proofs into an ode full ffrmat excitement, inspiration and intrigue worthy of a gothic love affair. Word got out that he had cracked it, and he presented an argument for a solution. Just a moment simo we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I plan to write a glowing book review but this space is too limited to contain it. Simon Singh gives an excellent account of the quest for the solution to Fermat’s puzzle.