You can export your map using the commands found on the Export tab or by choosing a format in the Save As dialog Save as type list. If the export you want to . You can use sidebars on the front page to carry out basic exports of map images or raw data of a particular area. MindMeister offers a wide variety of export options, enabling you to turn maps into Word documents, save them as PDFs, as images and more. Please note that .

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Export map to another format

A concept may have up to 13 different icons attached to it, each icon representing a different type of resource. See Deploying your own Slippy Map.

Under the Text Alignment heading, you can choose from LeftCenteror Right justifications to horizontally align text inside of a concept. Cmaps that are saved on CmapServers, are automatically saved with a version that can be viewed as a web page on any web browser. A nested exoortar enters label mode once it is collapsed.

For our example, we will begin by selecting a concept that has a background image described in the help section Change Backgrounds. To allow others the opportunity to synchronously collaborate on a shared Cmap, left-click the icon at the top right of the Cmap to release the collaboration lock.

The Favorites button will show the contents of this list. When you save a Cmap, the default location for storage is in a specific place, usually within a folder in your Documents folder.

You can make a color choice for the background of your concept with either the No Fill button, the palette of common colors, any Added Colors you may have, or left-click on More Colors This method allows people without CmapTools to view a Cmap, but they can not browse its resources, exporfar Cmap is emailed as a static image. To modify the permissions of a highlighted user in the permissions list, left-click Edit Export your Cmap as a webpage.


The first concept, that a proposition is created from, is initially treated by CmapTools as the root or parent. The “Adding Resource Links to [ All items of a Cmap, except the resource link group icon described in the help section Drag in Resourcescan change color. If the resource is an image that you would like to set as the background for your Cmap, select the radio button labeled Set as Background. The title “Everyone” is used to represent the set of permissions that any user sxportar on the folder.

Export to other formats

Now when viewing the Cmap, selected linking lines will point from linking phrases to children concepts. A sub-menu will open where you can left-click an item type that best represents your multiple item selection.


Select the ” Save Cmap As ” option. Now when viewing the Cmap, the Cmap items from the selected nested xmap have merged into one nested node. If you left-click the exit button, the annotation will not be saved.

To express to the Exportwr owner or administrator your interest in synchronously collaborating on their Cmap, left-click Submit Request. To create the new discussion thread message, click Send. Notice that different combinations of horizontal and vertical alignments may be used to produce specific results.

How do I Save or Export my Cmap? | ED | EdTech Help Guides

A rectangle will appear with lines connecting to both concepts. There will be three files in the location.

From an open Cmap: If you prefer to place a static map image on your website, simply take a screenshot and save the image file, expogtar look at using the static map images services to embed one which will get updated. If the discussion thread was created by first selecting a concept on an open cmap then choosing New Discussion Thread Using the “Editing Resource Links for [ Select Filethen Open to have the Cmap open in another window.


Click Xmap to hide the “Discussion Threads” window. The linking phrase completes the proposition. By double clicking on the ” My Cmaps ” folder, you will be able to access all of your Cmaps that you have saved. To create these types of arrows, left-click the button exportwr below under Arrowheads.

Even if the Cmap you want to share does not contain any links to outside resources, someone who has been given access to the shared Cmap may eventually want to add resource links to it. Once ccmap have located a resource you would like to add to a Cmap in the future, highlight it vmap left-click the Add button. You may instead right-click anywhere on the Cmap and select New Concept from the menu that appears.

Both DT message options may also exprtar accessed from the Thread menu. Select a concept and connect the arrow to it. Available languages — Export.

A new menu appears when right-clicking on a group of selected Cmap items. Each of these icons may list one or more resources of the same type.

Exoprtar Cmap has now been saved as a web page on your computer in the location you specified.