In-game: Drow from the city of Menzoberranzan are raised in a world of lies and treachery. The noble houses of these dark elves are in. Drizzt: Drizzt is the famous violet-eyed drow ranger of Icewind Dale and Mithral Hall. Son of Malice, he was raised in Menzoberranzan and taught swordplay by. Menzoberranzan The Famed City of the Drow, Revealed At Last! [R. A. Salvatore] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three books in this.

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Hesken-P’aj is matron of house Symryvvin, eighteenth house of Menzoberranzan. One of the branches of the city’s triune academies of Tier Breche, Arach-Tinilith is neighbored by the warrior school Melee-Magthere, and Sorcere tower where arcane spellcasters are sent to study.

And while this supplement is intended to be edition-neutral, it covers the period from DR to DR. Email Required, but never shown. Though the Drow can see somewhat in darkness, the region is dimly illuminated by glowing fungus, so others can function as well. Jarlaxle is the enigmatic and charismatic leader of Bregan D’Aerthe, which is the most famous mercenary group in Menzoberranzan.

Content with watching over her precious chapter, she is the least ambitious drow Matron Baenre had ever known. Menzoberranzan – the Famed City of the Drow that is chocker block full of pictures and descriptions of the city. Here’s some artistic renderings of Menzoberranzan: A Dance with Rogues Part Two.

A drow fighter of house Hun’Ett, Masoj was the last drow that Drizzt killed before leaving Menzoberranzan, and he is also the reason Drizzt made his oath to never again take the life of a drow. Briza was big by drow standards, with rounded shoulders and hips, and she carried a whip with six snake heads. Foreseeing her temporary loss of power due to the Time of Troubles, Lolth had asked the demon Errtu to protect her worshippers, should she herself fail to do it.


Salvatore and Elaine Cunningham have introduced dozens of drow characters. In addition to the information in the answers given, you can probably get some good descriptive text and ideas from module D3, Vault of the Drow. He was a follower of Nisstyre before that man’s death. The three images are just samples, there are alot of portraits, not just those three.

Wizards of the Coastp. The matron of House Oblodra nearly reached her goal, but an avatar of Lolth answered Matron Baenre’s pleas for help and came to Menzoberranzan after the Time of Troubles had ended.

Drow (Famous and Not)

Briza was Drizzt’s oldest half-sister and daughter of Malice. His favored weapon is the scimitar, and he wields two magic blades at once in combat: She weighed barely fifty pounds but was quite powerful. She was slender and deceptively small, and she had a reputation for taking any man in her house that she wanted to pleasure her, even commoners. Bregan D’aerthe has been very influential in the chaotic happenings of Menzoberranzan and has connections with Blingdenstone and has agents in Ched Nasad as well as major cities on the surface, menzoberfanzan notably LuskanWaterdeepCalimportand Heliogabalus.

Henge is a priest of Vhaeraun. During this event the students are set loose in a maze chamber outside the city cavern, wielding simple wooden poles as imitation weapons. For instance Lolth is no longer the sole power with her children coming back.

Chapter 4 in this supplement is devoted to the City of Spiders, spanning around 20 pages. She was the closest friend in drow terms of matron mother Ghenni’tiroth Tlabbar, and she was pleased when K’yorl Odran her friend’s slayer was slain as punishment. What are the sources of these images? Tall, slender, and vain, she is very wanton. The full history of each House would constitute a menziberranzan endless logbook of treachery, spite, and unceasing ambition.


Despite his skills, he respected and feared Drizzt’s superior fighting ability. Demonheart – Chapter I.

Gorlist was a drow commoner warrior. Presided over by the Matron Mistress of the Academy, all drow both common and noble are required to attend the academy. Views View Edit Edit source History. Her family is wealthy because of their agriculture holdings, and those same holdings make them rivals with house Hunszrin. She was incredibly sadistic, and even her mother found it hard to control her. Liriel’s power banished her to the Abyss, but Shakti is likely to return soon. Each year, in order to establish a hierarchy within the class, the Grand Melee is held.

If I might add to it from even earlier sources: She carries a magic trident and a whip with five snake heads.

Some are reskinned to look like drow and some are just pics of drow I found on the net. The twelve dark elf novels written by R. Handsome commoner male and lover of Bythnara, Menzzoberranzan is the son of a perfume merchant.

The Menzoberranzan setting has been developed into a computer game of the same namea server on the popular game Neverwinter Nights [ citation needed ]and used as gaming supplement.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The School of Fighters is a pyramidal structure located on the east side of Tier Breche. Twinkle, a scimitar at mebzoberranzan in starlight, and Icingdeath, a magically cold blade named for a white dragon he and his friend Wulfgar slew. Cattie-Brie, Menzlberranzan ally, claimed his sword.