Pyrapoint [Don E. Hall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I SUBMIT TO YOU THAT THE PYRAPOINT SYSTEM IS THE PRINCIPLE WHICH. Pyrapoint Book6-final — GANN (PYRAPOINT DON E. HALL Published by Halliker’s, r). Is anyone using the “Pyrapoint System” developed by Don E. Hall? Looking for opinions and experiences, is it just one in another of a long line.

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The percentage of failures versus the percentages of triumphs will attest tothis. Technical trading has been referenced to trend lines or trading lines, which make up aparameter for rules of trading.

Granted, there are more than a few concepts offered today. It also has the characteristic that it is divided evenly infourths, eighths, sixteenths, etc. Your own hand calculator tells you this — and it will tell you that this squareproceeds until where your hand calculator says this is the square of pyrspoint No, create an account now.

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On the 45 degree LINE! Is anyone using the “Pyrapoint System” developed by Don E. Let the market prove it is bottom. Certainly he rated along with the greats: Not as much seems to be known of these Egyptian studies. The nice part of this technique is that it can overlay any theory or system,which may presently be of interest or use by you. Save Settings as Default: I am told again first-hand by my mentor in Cairo, Fuad El Zahaby while I was studying in Egypt in the Mid-seventies that it dn an early Egyptian Calendar, a basic mathematical tool, and very instrumental in the construction of the Great Pyramid.

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Other responses are from users. Likewise, degrees is reflected in the span of time for six months, degrees orthree-fourths of the circle of time is in nine months, and one-half of the 90 degrees or one-eighthyear is 45 degrees or 45 days approximately.


Since this was the primary manner of control for the hierarchy, theynaturally frowned upon this type of teaching. I can stand corrected, hal, the next ten years proved to me the validity of my convictions. To post a message in this thread, you need to login with your Sierra Chart account:. Look who was a member http: Even then, you will likelybe in trouble when you need to increase to the next level in price.

We ball reproduced it by drawing on Mylar. I personally feel that it is the only way that I can afford to enter today’s markets.

Divide your capital into 10 equal parts and never riskmore than one-tenth of your capital on any one trade.

Pyrapoint Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

One would undoubtedly befoolish to ignore all fundamentals. I never found the secret as shown by his verified results. Repetition, in a few cases, is provided pyraopint emphasis and to show how one ruleblends into another in mathematical sync. I have heard claims of 17 to 20 ES points daily easily, on one contract with very active trading.

Pyrzpoint likely goes back toBrenner, Bayer, Gann, and eventually back to the real core in the Pythagorean Cube as well asthe early Egyptian Calendar, we are told. It is in the hope, and the belief, that we can improve these ratios that we have undertaken the taskrepresented to us in this writing.

Heard that one before? We hae been in procss of an xpansion wherein we will be represented pjrapoint Ensign as in the past, but will add MB Trading platform. Simply a point of reference for our learning and clarification. Create your own flipbook. Other fractionalmoves were observed as important as well, but it is our desire to make this study assimplistic as possible.


Gann never taught this in any of his seminars. Our emphasis in the studies related in the pages of this book will be directed to the use ofcommodities and of stock indices. But if you will accept our point, we intend to spend our time.

We do ask that, since we are operating on a totallycalculated line and square, that you follow what we have learned to be a very highly accurate setof simple rules. Of special interest to me has been the tracking of W. These are his rules: We can pyrapoiht it, I feel. Note how closely they follow each other — and why not?

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This is where you will need to make properuse and interpretation of the Pythagorean Cube Ratios. Never limit your orders or fix a buying or selling price. Line Style – The Line Style property allows you to adjust the type of line displayed.

Thus it follows that since there areeight degree segments in the complete cycle, there should be four degreesegments in half of the cycle — or one square. Ignore a set-up at a pivot IF against trend — leave the position run to next objective in theevent that you already following dn favorable trade position. Then to calculate your top parameter, you would use the Here are some words by Don Hall creator of Pyrapoint: Where am I in this square of trading?

Incidentally, we should have no copyright infringements because, to our knowledge andresearch, Mr.

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