Afterworlds [Scott Westerfeld] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Afterworlds is a fiction novel by New York Times bestselling author Scott Westerfeld that was published on September 23, The slogan for the book is . “Afterworlds is a wonderful book for any young person with an interest in growing up to be a writer.” —New York Times. “Get plenty; this one won’t stay on the.

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For instance, her relationship with Yamaraj seems insubstantial and heavily romanticized because it’s being written by an year-old who’s just learning about love herself. Afterworlds is a supernatural thriller about Lizzie, who discovers that she can slip into the space between life and death. But halfway through I realized that the Lizzie chapters were already edited, and what we were seeing were the final, polished, product. There are no notes about cultural sources, but an extended conversation between fictional YA authors explores these issues, offering a few perspectives on respect and appropriateness.

May 09, Robin Henry rated it it was ok Shelves: The first chapter was pretty killer, then it kinda nose-dived for me. I appreciated that Lizzie’s chapters were shaded at the top and bottom of the page so you always knew which was which. Lizzie is a fictional character created by Darcy and the protagonist of her first book which is called Afterworlds. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Afterworlds (Afterworlds #1) by Scott Westerfeld

And initially, it was. The big, central conflict of the story wasn’t really about writing or publishing; it was about the romance having a hitch. Darcy is a YA novelist, afterworldx out of high school and deferring college indefinitely? But he does it and he does it well. I just can’t believe this.



She never really seems to have anything bad happen because of her poor money management. Darcy is a young author, barely out of high school who got paid a huge advance for her book and can finally be an adult YAY, Adulting is fun. Now go back to Lizzie and see its effects in action. It seems that teens and twenty-somethings cannot have a conversation without scoft it, multiple times.

The first is told by Darcy Patel, a year-old who moves to New York after the rights to her debut novel Afterworlds is sold to a publisher. She writes these scenes with the sheen of someone in love, but never gives that relationship the development it needs or deserves.

It has insta love, a stupid protagonist and some not-so-interesting other characters.

Faterworlds this review and more on my blog In a nutshell: I still have that dream! I definitely recommend this book to anyone who writes and aspires to be part of the traditional YA publishing world. The first was about Darcy herself. She survives a terrorist attack and gains the ability to see the dead and travel to th I was really excited to read this book. And Darcy of course finds the “perfect” apartment in a single day of looking.

Afterworlds – Wikipedia

So naturally, I was excited for this book and I was ecstatic to receive an ARC——but honestly, it didn’t live up to afterwoorlds expectations. I was really a little shocked at the things that just didn’t westerfelv for me. I am an author. But not all people are good, not all ghosts are good, and Lizzie’s gonna need a little help learning what it means to believe.


Her mom is a complete moron. I’ve never met a Scott Westerfeld novel I didn’t like. In Afterworlds we read two stories in one.

She was out of her depth. So the fact that Darcy happens to be within a small percentage of people for whom traditional publishing not only becomes a reality, but also while she is very young, should not be a deterrent to reading the book. It had potential that wasn’t quite reached in my opinion, but I do still recommend this book as Afterworrlds can imagine a lot of other readers enjoying it more than I did.

In ‘Afterworlds,’ A Teen Imagines Worlds Within Worlds

The novel is written in two perspectives, which alternates with each chapter, and westerfelf essentially like two stories within the one book. Her agent signed a contract with her very quickly in the book. She sells her novel in less than a year. However, just to confuse things, that ‘story within the story’ is also called Afterworlds. The romance between Lizzie and Yama was super rushed and totally unbelievable. Again, this might factor into the meta, or it might play in atterworlds Westerfeld is planning a sequel, who knows!

Lots of potential, doesn’t live up to it.