GE BiliSoft Phototherapy System. BiliSoft Phototherapy System is the next generation LED fiber-optic based technology for treatment of indirect. LED Phototherapy System BiliSoft™ Nominal Spectral Irradiance: 35 μW•cm-2• nm-1, Wavelength: nm (peak nm) GE Healthcare M Find out all of the information about the GE Healthcare product: infant phototherapy lamp / transportable / LED BiliSoft. Contact a supplier or the parent company.

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Your cart has been saved and will be available when you login next time. Please try again after some time. Sorry, there is an internal server error. Product Specific Terms Ultrasound probes replacement The present price for replacement ultrasound probe is only valid subject to the Buyer returning the defective probe to GEHC by handing it over to the courier when the replacement probe is delivered. The baby can be held, fed, or swaddled while receiving treatment.

Please complete the order processing to add an item to the cart. The BiliSoft Phototherapy System meets or exceeds the AAP Guidelines for intensive phototherapy and helps you provide developmental and family-centered care virtually anywhere—in the NICU, pediatrics units, well baby nurseries, and at home.

BiliSoft Phototherapy System | GE Healthcare

Under continuous use, tested at room temperature, a typical LED module will run for approx. For the most current information, including updates on a particular spare part, please contact GEHC. Either option ensures quick and easy access to the newborn – Easy positioning: Please enter appropriate zipcode. Bilisovt website uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.


The pad design also helps to eliminate distance deficiencies entirely.

Warming hospital bassinet / on casters – BiliSoft – GE Healthcare

Click here to Discover more about One Self. Bed mounted units that conserve space in all care areas Roll stand mounted options that provide added flexibility Both options help ensure quick access to the baby.

A long, flexible, fiberoptic cable makes positioning easier than ever – Wavelength: Should the probe not be in stock, the approximate estimated delivery date will be communicated to the Buyer by GEHC upon placement of the order. You have a cart already in session. Your account information matches our records.

BiliSoft Phototherapy System

You already have a “request for a quote” item in your cart. Click here to learn more on our Cookies Notice and Disclosure. Adding this promotional item will still require a Quote and prevent Checkout. BiliSoft Phototherapy System Intensive phototherapy while supporting family-centered care. Buyer cannot purchase through this website additional probes or replace its defective probe with another model of a probe even if it is compatible with its equipment model.

Transformation of Blue light – Intensive blanket therapy for large treatment surface supporting developmental and family-centered care – Innovations Improving Care: Provides a large surface area. This form will auto-populate account information for registered users.


Back BiliSoft Phototherapy System. Roll stand mounted option provides added flexibility. Its increased surface area, high spectral irradiance, and long-lasting blue, narrow-band LED light are just the beginning. Please Enter Valid Text. Read More Show Less.

GEHC may perform such installation upon Customer’s request and for additional fees. Intensive phototherapy while supporting family-centered care.

Sorry, your details do not match our records. Adding this “request for a quote” item will require a Quote and biliosft checkout. Remember Me Forgot Password?

Do you want to continue? The versatile options available are: It supports developmental and family-centered care.

Customer is solely responsible for the installation of Life Care Solutions spare parts purchased bikisoft this website strictly in accordance with any applicable manufacturer’s instructions contained in the user manual, bilisofy manual if available or any other supporting documentation.

Exceptional Coverage Provides a large surface area. How would you like to proceed? The BiliSoft Phototherapy System features the technology that you need to provide intensive, efficacious phototherapy as recommended by AAP Guidelines.