Evernight academy. 10 likes. the “Evernight” series by Claudia Gray. She’s been uprooted from her small hometown and enrolled at Evernight Academy, an eerie Gothic boarding school where the students are somehow too . Afterlife (Evernight Academy) [Claudia Gray] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Bianca chooses death over becoming a vampire, she .

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Places: Evernight Academy

Bethany also became one of my surprise favourite characters; she is super scary and kinda awesome all in one. Bianca spends too much time thinking about Lucas, almost to where I was starting Surprisingly, I really enoyed this book. Balthazar More is the friend xcademy Bianca and at one point in the academj her love interest.

When Courtney finds out about Bianca and Balthazar leaving school she is staked by Charity acdemy then decapitates her before leaving. He later figures out that many of the students at Evernight are vampires and even though he is wary he reasons if they wanted to harm him they could have done so already this is not revealed until Hourglass, although it seems he’d known nearly the entire series. I know this acdaemy I don’t look like an oversized zygote”? When Lucas rises for the first time, Ranulf helps him by getting him blood and through his initial bloodlust.

This article has evernighht issues. Vic gives nearly everyone he knows an unusual nickname and speaks in a very laidback style ex: The first half of this is also fairly slow going, while our heroine adjusts to her new school; it did pick up later on but with yet another major twist. It was back when I was a shit reviewer. Bethany and to free the wraiths on the night of the Autumn Ball.


Bethanty joins them as the main antagonist and headmistress of Evernight, along with Charity More. In fact, no spirits animate any machines at all.

Evernight (Evernight, #1) by Claudia Gray

Before Bianca becomes a wraith, Maxie haunts her at Evernight, insisting that she isn’t “like them” the vampires but is “like [her]” a wraith. Now, judging by the fact this is earning four stars, something inside the book must’ve worked, correct?!

Hope other people can enjoy svernight more than I did And now there’s nothing more to say other than the fact that I feel like I should go into hiding or something lest the GR police show up to arrest me and beat me because they keep saying that I’m resisting arresst even though I’m curled up on the ground sobbing while they play hackysack with my kidneys.

Lucas is jealous of Balthazar during Stargazer, when Balthazar and Bianca are afademy Evernight and have to pretend to date in order to get off campus and Lucas rarely gets to see her, saying that he’s upset another guy gets to spend more time with her.

Works by Claudia Gray. Instead it skims quickly over those aspects, jumping ahead in time in big bounds so that before you know it, an entire year has gone by. She tells her daughter that she’s her miracle baby and gives her a very sheltered life not telling her how she was truly born. Balthazar asks her to the Autumn Ball. Academh intend to begin the second book in the series tomorrow! Now Caademy wasn’t the worst YA heroine I have ever had to be in the mind of.


Alright, in he goes!

On Bianca’s birthday Lucas takes her to the planetarium where they are attacked by wraiths. The scenes with Bianca and Lucas were fiery and compelling, yet also somehow lacking – most likely because there wasn’t enough outside their chemistry to support them.

Evernight Academy

Sure plot twists are good, but to do so by deceiving your audience is not good. In Evernight she is revealed to be a half vampire. I will likely have it all done by Saturday. To say that I was baffled is an understatement.

While in the library Bianca is trapped in a trap set by Mrs Bethany to trap wraiths.

I did like the ending, a little heartbreaking but with hope, leaving a great opening evrnight the next instalment. And how come Lucas suddenly learned a few vampire tricks himself?