Night of Knives is the first novel of the Novels of the Malazan Empire series by Canadian author Ian Esslemont, set after the prologue, but before the main body . Night of Knives: A Novel of the Malazan Empire (Novels of the Malazan Empire) [ Ian C. Esslemont] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Steven Erickson’s Malazan Book Night of Knives: A Novel of the Malazan Empire by [Esslemont, Ian C. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading.

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They hear howls of huge dogs and what sounds like the death cries of the two guards left outside. It involves a long fall out of a tower onto the rocks. But when a Shadow Moon appears, all hell breaks loose in Knivws City, and Kiska has her chance to escape the island which has been her home and her jail for her life. I enjoyed Temper’s POV, especially since it helped to fill in some blanks on characters and events that have been mentioned in the main Malazan books. Temper reads very much like the quintessential Malazan soldier so vital to this world, and he made a welcome break from Kiska’s teen angst.

On the world nighy Kuf, the Macht are a mystery, a seldom-seen people of extraordinary ferocity and discipline whose prowess on the battlefield is the stuff of legend.

Kiska was clueless, and so were the readers that followed from her perspective. Also, I just don’t think this esslenont of scope worked in this parti Ugh. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. esslemontt

This second saga inside the Malazan Book of the Fallen World seems really interesting. As for my impression of the novel: Somehow they oof mix in my opinion, and that has made it a bumpy ride. The prologue did a great job of setting a very dark tone for the whole book. Yes, it isn’t as good as kknives could have been, but it is his first book and plenty of people complain about Gardens of the Moon. But, as for that, I really can’t say.


Once it was the heart of the Imperial Malazan Empire but in the present day it is little more than a backwater. Esslemont struggles a bit in keeping all of his distinct factions and their agendas clear to the reader, a problem often shared by Erikson. But this book gives off the Malazan vibe more strongly than anything since Deadhouse Gatesand unlike reading an Erikson book, you don’t have to work for it.

The prologue was excellent and has that foreboding tone but is not the epic overtone that Erikson has in some of his works. Tonight, however, things are different. The novel is set in the 24 hours when the Emperor of the Malazan Empire is murdered. Looking for beautiful books? Fener’s hairy balls, its great to back! Because this night there is to be a convergence, the once-in-a-generation appearance of a Shadow Moon – an occasion that threatens the good people of Malaz with demon hounds and other, darker things.

Blood and Bone Ian Cameron Esslemont. The disembarkation of various secretive passengers is independently observed by the veteran Temper and by the young girl Kiska.

They just had this horrible bland quality. In spite of all my hard work, the effects were average.

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We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. I liked this book. Eeslemont is a rebellious young girl a little too eager to see the world, and in the way of all such youths, finds herself in well over her head as conflicts whirl around her whose motives she only vaguely understands.


Assail A Novel of the Malazan Empire: Also very nice to see some Dancer and Kellavend. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. It’s not Steven Erickson’s layered prose – and there were, admittedly, some awkwardly constructed sentences here and there – but it was better than I was expecting. Willful Pf Willful Child: It’s a decidedly more standard fantasy novel, and it doesn’t distinguish itself in the way of the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Night of Knives by Ian C Esslemont

Temper goes to Sealan ex-army healer, from whom he borrows some armour as well knivrs retrieving his own distinctive helmet which he has stored in Seal’s house.

I really wavered back and forth between mildly disliking it to mildly liking it but I’m gonna give it the three because I just enjoy nerding out in the Malazan world and Esslemont seemed to strike kjives vein that resonated with me a few times throughout the book.

Now, I realise it is a bizarre situation when a reader is complaining about their questions being answered. Agayla and Obo have been joined nigt Tayschrenn, who is persuaded that the Riders might be after the power of the Deadhouse, and agrees to help them in their fight. In they collaborated on a feature film script set in the same world, entitled Gardens of the Moon.

Temper eyed it — the damn thing appeared frozen athwart the wind. What could it be?