Crystallizing Public Opinion has ratings and 22 reviews. Gerry said: Simply a fascinating read – not only educational but reflective of an America ne. I find that there have been minimal societal and cultural changes, since when Edward Bernays published Crystallizing Public Opinion. Few books have been as quietly powerful as Edward L. Bernays’s Crystallizing Public Opinion. First published in , it is a groundbreaking and, as history has .

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When, how- ever, it runs contrary to our beliefs we call it the regimentation of the public mind and are in- clined to ascribe it to insidious propaganda. Thomas Paine, in his Common Sensebuilt morale for carrying on the war.

The next incident that I have selected is one which conforms more closely than some ‘of the others to the popular conception of the work of the public relations counsel.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

In the closing centuries of the medieval period, two factors stimulated an increase of pamphlets, sermons and satires. He was now speaking in his function as counsel for a Senate committee investigating Wall Street practices. It was inherent even in the semantics of the terminology. It will hardly serve drystallizing still the prick of curiosity and conscience.

To the members of the House of Repre- sentatives he did likewise. In it I described an activity which concerns crysatllizing with the relations between an enterprise and the publics which it serves, and on which it is dependent. Bernays, regarded by many as the father of public relations, has tried to set down in this book the broad principles that govern the new profession of public relations counsel. One defi- nition has three points: Ideas were communicated largely through the songs and recitations of wandering minstrels.


Crystallizing Public Opinion – Ig Publishing

The increase in advertising revenue strength- ened the newspapersijn the later period. The lawyer can tell what argument will appeal to court or esward.

He called for full publicity on security issues, earnings and investment, publicity on stock ownership and as to inter-company contracts and arrangements. Public opinion, he writes, is becoming more and more a matter of interest, as people seek out information about the world, and as various organizations attempt to create favorable impressions.

They have also assisted social forces such as medi- cine and education to overcome the cultural time lag by making necessary adjustments to meet the changing needs of the times. Our effort to build up morale in this country, to strengthen our allies, to win over the neutrals, and to defeat the enemy, made a great impact. Wikiquote has quotations related to: They argue from the one to the other.

The American Bankers As- sociation produced a series of handbooks written in simple language. From coal to jewelry seems rather a long step, and yet in The Jeweler’s Circular, a trade maga- zine, I find much comment upon the National Jewelers’ Publicity Association.

And, through late Greek and Roman times, this continued as the most powerful instrument of political propaganda and agitation. With the War over inAmerica entered a period of change. The wooing of public opinion played a vital part in the activities of leaders. It had never made any effort to reach this public except through its own direct circulation.

Success enables the winning crowd to ‘crow’ over the cryetallizing.

Book Review: Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward Bernays | D.T. Griffith

The public relations counsel who was retained to direct this work recognized that crysstallizing first problem to be solved was America’s indifference to and ignorance about Lithuania and its desires. To the senators, he gave facts about Lithuania which would give them basis for favorable ac- tion. To answer the question as to the stubbornness or malleability of [ the public, let us analyze the press in its relation to public opinion, since the press stands preeminent among the various in- stitutions which are commonly designated as leaders or moulders of the public mind.


I opinon a staff member of the organization here and at the Paris Peace Conference. Constitution pro- duced the Federalist Papers inwhich played an influential part in achieving that goal.

Crystalpizing penny newspaper in extended the influence of the press and through this, the participation of people in the decisions of Gov- ernment. Child’s expectation of a growing and accepted public interest in important industrial enterprises, the reader can judge for himself.

According to the editorial, the state publishes a magazine, The Vermonier, an attrac- tive publication filled with interesting illustra- tions and well-written text. Pericles further stimulated this free crystallizjng of opinion.

The results of his work are often accelerated interest in mat- ters of value and importance to the social, eco- nomic or political life of the community. The public relations counsel will find that the conditions under which his client operates, be it a government, a crystallkzing of food products or a railroad system, are constantly changing and that he must advise modifications in policy in accordance with such changes in the public point of view.