Special Process: Plating System Assessment. Product Code: CQI Pricing This manual includes a downloadable assessment with forms to complete the. Recently our company was asked when we will implement the CQI Plating System Assessment Program. Before we can do anything we must find out what it . The goal of the assessment is the development of a plating management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the.

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The process of using electrical current to plate an electrically conductive object with a thin layer of metal. Is there documented evidence of Receiving Inspection? The plater should evaluate such conditions and their effect on quality. Measure of void spaces in a material. Pricing is dependent on location and may vary.

Fo rF The analysis of products and processes over time can yield vital information for defect prevention efforts.

The catalytic deposition of a metallic coating by a controlled chemical reduction that is further catalyzed by the metal or alloy being deposited. Initial product capability studies shall be conducted for all plating processes per line as defined in scope of work and in accordance with customer requirements. When performing the job audit, the auditor shall verify plater is conforming to customer requirements.

United States of America. Plating System Assessment of this facility. Number of “Not Satisfactory” Findings: The scope of the assessment? Tell Me About Future Dates. If customer quality certification is given, then the year of the last assessment by the customer shall also be given. Immersion of a part in a non-electrolytic acid bath to remove oxides scaledirt, tarnish films and other contaminants. Non-conforming hold area shall be clearly designated to maintain segregation of such material.


Parts shall be taken from the shipping area at the dock or the end of the plating operation.

The plater shall have reaction plans for non-conformances to process requirements. Out-going lot s shall be traceable to the incoming lot s. All material shall be staged in a dedicated and clearly defined area. Is the handling, storage and packaging adequate to preserve product quality?

If there is a separate management team Quality Manager and Metallurgist or different management system, then these locations shall be considered as separate facilities. A unit which converts alternating current into direct current. The street address of the facility being assessed; P.

Facility and equipment zinc, zinc alloy plating facility Audit Ppating Paragraph 4 Paragraph 4: You allways want to be informed about Automotive News? Barrel Plating Or Cleaning: Identified actions shall be prioritized and shall include timing estimated completion dates.

Page Number of Change: Evidence shall exist showing disposition and traceability of affected product. Is a shop traveler created to meet customer requirements? Processes not listed on the cover sheet are not part of the Plating System Assessment.

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Job Audit Process Requirement Tables. Jun 04, Ann Arbor, MI.

The Quality Manager or a designee shall authorize the release of reprocessed product. One form shall be used for each facility. Maintenance data shall be collected and analyzed as part of a predictive maintenance program. Date of Re-assessment if necessary: All employees, including backup and temporary employees, shall be trained.

  CSA S806-02 PDF

Refer to Process Tables. Bright Dip, Bright dipping: All special characteristics, as defined by the organization and its customers, shall be identified, defined, and addressed in the Control Plans. Record these processes on the PSA, Page 1 6. The PSA can also be used between an organization and its suppliers. Training Offerings by Industry.

Plating System Assessments (CQI-11)

O demonstrate ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system.

Fo The plater shall have written process specifications for all active processes and identify all steps of the process including relevant operating parameters. Shipping Requirements Were the parts properly identified? Register by fax Date of Previous Assessment: Each participant will receive a training manual.

This may not be easily determined with fasteners, especially if the fastener manufacturer does not identify the end customer auto manufacturer, tier one, etc. Torque Tension if Applicable Test Method: Training shall be documented. CQI Plating System Assessment is a self-assessment of the plating system regarding galvanic plating and must be carried out at assessmen once a year.

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