COMNAVRESFORINST E provides guidance on SELRES transfers into the IRR. 2. All servicemembers separating from Active Duty or. COMNAVRESFORINST E, Administrative Procedures For The Drilling Reserve and. Participating Members of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). (c) COMNAVRESFORINST C. 1. Criteria. This article applies to Navy ( g) DODFMR, Volume 7A, Chapter (h) COMNAVRESFORINST E.

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The STAR program offers career designation to first term enlisted members who enlist or reenlist and thereby become eligible for the following career incentives: Pass E-5 advancement exam. See reference a for guidance on requesting transfer to the Retired Reserve.

Stewart elsewhere bothered three men until he opposed the school to hamlin for one birth. Members in this status should be brought before a medical board at a time that will permit action to be taken prior to date the term of service normally would expire if member were not in a misconduct status.

In this regard, PO1s receiving official notification of advancement must voluntarily disenroll from the SCORE program or decline advancement.

Requests to continue on active duty beyond established HYT limits will be considered on a case basis butJuly CD CH, 20 Oct Page 3 of 8 will only be granted in support of urgent, immediate operational requirements in a deployed or soon-to-deploy unit with the exception of waivers outlined below.

If your command requires an oral board or written examination for final qualification, you may be asked any questions from the fundamentals required for your watchstation. HYT waivers will not be approved for any second or subsequent reenlistments under this program.

Use the below table for criteria comnavresfodinst reenlistment RE-4 determination: E-3 personnel at time of STAR reenlistment will not be eligible for automatic advancement.

Policy for Disability Incurred not in the Line of Dutya. See Automatic Advancement through Advanced Training below. At this command, the platoon commander performs what comnavresforijst prior to the inspection? Discharge after Executing Agreement. Nuclear personnel must cmonavresforinst at least 21 comnaresforinst, but not more than 6 years, of continuous active Naval Service on their date of reenlistment.

Candidates for advancement who will be over the established HYT date for their present paygrade on the first day of the advancement cycle see table below are ineligible for advancement consideration. Qualification for continued active duty service should be based on the ability of a service member to perform the functions of his or her rate, rank, or occupational specialty without physical or medical limitations.

Endorsement from the CO of the members reserve unit as well as supporting Navy Reserve activity to include the following information.

  ISO 11127-6 PDF

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The foregoing statement shall be signed by member and witnessed by an officer. Navy by Thomas J. Upon reenlistment, a new service record shall be prepared. 1001.5e shall be executed in increments of 1 or more months not to exceed an aggregate of 48 months on any single enlistment. Request is to indicate the specific operational unit if applicable member is seeking assignment to.

Except as otherwise provided in this paragraph, an enlisted member sentenced to punitive discharge shall be retained in service to await completion of appellate review of their court-martial case, even though the period of confinement, if any, adjudged under the sentence has been served and members enlistment or other period of active OBLISERV has expired.

Commanding officers COs may authorize HYT waivers for up to 4 months for E-3 and E-4 personnel competing for advancement to E-4 or E-5 respectively who are awaiting examination results, provided all of the following criteria are met: If proceeding per law and regulations result in determination the member is not physically fit for service or reenlistment and is to be discharged, discharge normally will be effected because of disability rather than expiration of enlistment 1001.5f fulfillment of service obligation.

Members of the IRR may be reenlisted in person or by mail. Before the execution of an unconditional or conditional extension of enlistment, the member shall be made aware of potential loss of monetary benefits and the provisions of the SRB program per reference c. If you are one of the four lucky Sailors Of the Year SOY s, your Ccomnavresforinst may require you to answer representative line items to determine if you have retained the necessary knowledge for your watchstation.

Length of service LOS: For the purpose of this extension, the postnatal period covers the 2 months following the birth. Assignment to a Class A School, with rating conversion upon satisfactory completion of that school. Requests shall be submitted in sufficient time to permit action prior to current EAOS date.


Navy Reservists on inactive duty who meet qualifications for reenlistment may extend their enlistment in increments of comnavresfornist or more months, provided such extension together with any other extension does not exceed an aggregate of 48 months. Commanding officers are cautioned to carefully evaluate the members performance and ability to continue to perform during the period of continuation on active duty.

Member will be informed of protection and benefits member will receive as a member of Navy during the foreign criminal proceedings. Clinical Agency Specific Orientation. The CO will cancel extensions under this paragraph only when the extension required resulted in no significant benefits to the member.


A qualified inductee may enlist or reenlist on board as provided in the article of this manual governing reenlistments.

Milpersman 1160 – Re Enlistments and Extensions

Only Genuine Chief Petty Officers may signify completion of applicable sections either by written or oral examination, or by observation of performance. Consult reference a and this article for additional guidance. COs are authorized to advance members having the above entry in their service records on the date indicated.

If there is a question concerning an acronym or abbreviation not spelled out on this page or anywhere else within the standard, use the references listed on the line to locate the missing information. Members who enlisted in the Regular Navy, and were subsequently released from active duty and transferred to the IRR to complete their military service obligation under reference acomnavresforinsr not required to reenlist at expiration of obligated service to continue service in the Navy Reserve.

The CO should follow the procedures listed below, as appropriate. This communication from appropriate foreign authorities should be in 1010.5e, if possible; if not, a memorandum for the record should be made to memorialize the agreement. Personnel who have been selected for advancement to the next higher paygrade may reenlist or extend up to comnavrssforinst HYT limit of their prospective paygrade. I, fill in namedesire to be separated from Naval Service on my normal expiration of active obligated service date.

Commands will be notified via naval message of waiver disposition. In comnavresforindt a situation, provisions of Chapter 3 of reference b would continue to apply, and, except under extraordinary circumstances approved by Secretary of the Navy SECNAVmember would not be discharged while in custody or confinement of the foreign authorities.

Members on inactive duty who are participating in a Navy Reserve program and who are eligible for reenlistment shall be notified at least 3 months prior to the expiration of their enlistment or service obligation concerning such expiration and the procedures set up for reenlistment processing. Hearing up the phony example predator to legislative conditions in these developments of e-love is like fighting competition on the wicked witch of the west; the email is uniform and successful.

Canceling an Extension Cojnavresforinst. See below for details of payback for specific courses of instruction. I have been fully advised of my rights in this matter and comnaveesforinst I be discharged from Comnavfesforinst Service as soon as possible without further hearing and without disability retirement pay or severance pay vomnavresforinst any compensation whatsoever.