Muawiya had declared before the Battle of Basra his refusal to join the electors .. Ammar asked for a drink before he entered the decisive battle of Siffin during . The Battle of Siffin was fought in during the First Fitna (Islamic Civil War) and led to the establishment of the Umayyad Caliphate. The Battle of Șiffīn (Arabic: معركة صفين) was a battle between Imam Ali (a) and Mu’awiya b. Abi Sufyan occurred in Safar of 37/July in an.

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QaysBusr b. He siffin was in open defiance of the Imam covering his intention with his deceptive methods of calling upon people to avoid fighting. The neutrality of this article is disputed.

Siffin, Battle of – Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Amr bin Aas had, of course, weighed all the options, and had decided in favor of Egypt. To this day, they remain peculiarly unassimilated in the history of the Muslim people. But once he was dead, it became lawful, in fact, it became a duty, for them to commit mass murder in the name of seeking vengeance for his assassination.

The doors of Heaven are wide open today but to get admission to it, you have to dare the swords and the spears of these enemies of God and His Messenger.

Battle of Siffin

Writing the content of Hudaybiyya peace treaty. He lost one of his eyes at one of the battles.

Under the instructions of the caliph Uthman ibn al-AffanMuawiyah then prepared for the siege of Constantinople. On Him I rely and to Him I return. Had their decision been in agreement with the Holy Qur’an and the instructions of the Holy Prophet the deception of Ibn Al-Aws would have been the only barrier from making their decision binding because it proved that they were in disagreement in their ruling. And if anyone disagreed with their beliefs, they killed him on the spot.


Now it became possible for the Imam and his army to do to their opponents what their opponents were trying to do to them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By this the situation was reversed. Muhammad and Ali hesitated to kill even an idolater, not to speak of killing a Muslim. Ali ibn Abi Talib tried ov settle matters peacefully by sending an envoy to Syria.

Wearing this glorious and luminous crown, Ammar ibn Yasir entered the company of the Immortals in Heaven, headed by batfle friend, Muhammad Mustafa, the Beloved of Allah. One of them was Khuzaima ibn Thabit Ansari he whose one witness was equal to two witnesses of others ; and Battpe Qarni. Abi Sufyan to obey him. He, therefore, told the messenger that it was no time for him to leave the battlefield, and to leave his job unfinished.

The Muslims of Egypt were incapable of offering what he needed of an army for subduing the secessionists.

Battle of Siffin – WikiShia

Beginning of Caliphate of ‘Umar b. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Imam Ali a wrote a letter to ‘Abd Sifdin b. But they shouted with one voice that all of them had killed them, and that they considered the killing of such people those Muslims who did not share their beliefs a sacred siffjn.


Therefore the biggest concern of the Imam after he finished the Vattle of Basra was to prepare for facing this enemy who was dangerous to the unity of the nation and its future. This did not prevent Muawiya from covenanting the wily Amr for an alliance against the Imam with the pretext of seeking the avenge for the blood of Uthman of which Amr was guilty.

Minor skirmishes began in Zilhajj 36 A. Remember God for the future of Islam. The religion of Islam stands against all kinds of wars of genocide and annihilation. The Holy Qur’an chapter 49 verse Chapter 3; verse 23 Amr bin Aas and Abu Musa — the arbitrators made themselves a party of those who turn back from the Book of God. There was another category of people who were anxious to stop the fight led by conspirators who were collaborating with the enemy believing their co-operation with the enemy will bring them some material abttle or high positions.

Who wants to go to Paradise? The wily Amr Ibn Al-Aws was most outstanding among those who siffi their principles and conscience. The tribesmen followed the example of their leaders, and they too stopped fighting.

After this, there was a quarrel between these two arbiters and they cursed each other.