Antenna Modeling With 4NEC2. Presented to HOTARC. By Craig Weixelbaum. May 22, Basic Modeling Approach using 4Nec2. The goals of this A Beginner’s Tutorial for 4NEC, a NEC2 Distribution. Written and Tested by Scroll down, and find “Latest 4nec2 version ()” under the “Downloads” header. Hello! Does anyone know where I can find some good tutorial/guide to get a basics of how to use 4nec2. I am total beginner. I was able to find.

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Besides the antenna I also modeled the feed transmission line to the transmitter. Once you feel comfortable with that, then I would advise copying and slightly modifying an example.

For this antenna, I also optimize for the antenna gain at 12 degrees elevation. How much gain will this antenna give me? The outside of the coax is part of the antenna system itself, and includes the RF choke that defines the lower driven element of the antenna.

Once you know how to analyze and interpret an existing example antenna.

4nec2 tutorial | QRZ Forums

You will need to know this eventually, but in my opinion, doing this at the beginning before you know what you are trying to analyze makes it more confusing. You can store these wherever you want as well. I’ve run into several on U Tube and for whatever reason, they just don’t get the information across to my lil’ ole pea brain. WZ7UMar 8, Does anyone have a favorite tutorial for 4nev2 software? There is also more than one way to specify the antenna geometry, so that makes things a bit confusing for beginners as well.


A 4nex2 box will open 4bec2 to show progress of the simulation. Dec 248: If you want to see the pattern then you would re-run the simulation. Look at the antenna text file and see if you understand some of the syntax and meaning of the lines in the file.

Antenna Simulation Tutorials using 4nec2

My gut feeling is that all this effort is misplaced. Figuring out the self capacitance of the choke coil took a little research.

I can see the list of files of various kinds, like this: Internet research yielded the following formula, which seems to be plenty good for what we want. Because the choke is so critical, I decided to model several different versions and tutoorial to see the effects.

How reliable is it? AF modulator in Transmitter what is the A? Heat sinks, Part 2: Distorted Sine output from Transformer 8. Vertical antenna radiation patterns. Calculated inductance is RF current magnitude in green. I try to express the dimensions as functions of things I might like to change, for example the height of the top of the antenna. Notify me of new comments via email.


Hopefully this information is useful. You are commenting using your WordPress. But rather than using another wire, realize that I already have a wire coming back down from the feed point, namely the outside of the co-ax feed itself.

Hierarchical block is unconnected 3. I’d recommend to run an example like a simple dipole on a single frequency and observe the impedance, pattern, VSWR etc. I think that many technically oriented folks can learn to navigate it. I am looking for something with more pictures etc. Skip to content Vertical dipole with transmission 4nfc2 feed and choked feed line.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I know there are some tutorials now, but I could not really say which is best. In it select “Use original file” then select Generate. Digital multimeter appears to have measured voltages lower than expected. Start simple and make incremental steps.